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Are you interested in starting an online business? Well, you have come to the right place! This is an exciting time in the world of ecommerce and ebusiness! A week does not go by without the news profiling a new multi-million dollar online business! Maybe when you hear about the latest online entreprenuer becoming a millionaire online - and often he or she seems barely old enough to be out of college- you are saying "Why that could have been me!" "What does he/she have that I don't!" There has truly been an explosion in the growth of ebusiness and business online in recent years. And you could have a front row seat, and get in on the ground floor on all this action! For these are exciting times indeed and there is no better time to enter the fray then today. You can get inovative ideas about business by visiting this website online marketplace onbuy .

In the past it took decades to build the empires of people like Carnegie and Rockerfeller. Today, in a few short years a couple of graduate students from Stanford become billionaires soon after of founding Google! Time has accelerated and wealth opportunities abound for lucky, resourceful, handworking and driven individuals. Are you willing to work hard and smart to create your own "luck"?

It is not that hard to get the basics and a functional understanding of the framework needed to set up an online business. After that it is your unique and compelling product or service and the passion you put behind it.

But time is money and one could spin around for days drowing in information (much of it perhaps useless or contradictory). Is there a quick, easy no-nonsense guide to reliably establish the basics and point out actionable, robust ecommerce "buidling blocks" to rapidly deploy your business online? Well, now there is!

Ccheck out our suite of no nonsense ebooks and ereports that get you the most important points quickly, easily and in a practical manner.

The basic ecommerce package covers tips on starting a business, an introductory business and Internet primer, a pratical, actionable ereport on what one needs to rapidly acquire a business website online and even the basics of Internet marketing.

Llike we said, we don't waste your time. So without much fanfare, here is what you get in the suite of products.


Business and the Internet basics. Everyone needs a grounding in the basics. Find out how dramatic changes in the internet are rewriting the landscape for small businesses and others. Get a bird's eye view of major trends and ideas online. An introduction to the basic concepts and ideas of "business and the Internet."

Are you in danger of becoming a a "dinosaur business"?

What is Social Bookmarking? Social networking? Viral Marketing? Linkware? RSS? Follow up autoresponders? Clicks compared to impressions and affiliates? The Internet and business is changing rapidly and dramatically. Perhaps the quickest, easiest way to get up to speed with the terminology, important concepts and trends of business and the Internet. A ecommerce basics primer.


Here is a partial list of topics touched upon.

  • Rapid Building Block Assembly
  • Micro Ad Campaigns
  • Niche Production
  • Creative Commons
  • Social Networking
  • Viral Marketing
  • Business Model Ideas
  • Globalization and much more
  • and much more …

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